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CBDfx Muscle and Joint cream | 1000 Mg CBD

€ 49,95

Who needs a rubdown? Available in two key strengths 500mg and 1000mg, our powerful CBD hemp cream contains a host of powerful anti-inflammatory botanical extracts such as White Willow Bark, Caffeine, and a variety of other pain-relieving compounds to speed up your recovery between workouts and lessen the stress of the day’s minor aches and tension. Smooth over troubled areas and experience the sweet, cooling sensation of Menthol as rich CBD absorbs into your skin and provides lasting topical relief.



CBDfx Muscle and Joint cream is a CBD-infused topical cream specially-formulated to provide immediate and long-lasting relief to your body’s minor aches and pains. Common symptoms of muscle and joint fatigue, soreness, and stiffness can lengthen your recovery time between workouts and reduce your day-to-day quality of life if left unaddressed.

Combining the natural anti-inflammatory properties of key botanicals like White Willow Bark, Caffeine, and Menthol, our Muscle and Joint cream instantly relieves the stress of muscle and joint fatigue to help you not only recover faster but push your workouts even harder.


An impeccable eye for quality goes into every product we make. We believe the ingredients we put on or into our bodies have pivotal effects on our health, wellness, and general wellbeing. It’s why we ensure all of our hemp-derived CBD is not only certified organic, vegan, and free from harmful pesticides but extracted using one of the cleanest possible methods in the industry.

At CBDfx, you can count on quality ingredients, quality products, and full transparency—every time.


Thanks to a special combination of key botanical ingredients including White Willow Bark, Caffeine, and Menthol, our Muscle and Joint CBD cream is an excellent pain reliever for minor muscle and joint pain.

While White Willow Bark has been used for centuries as a natural treatment method in addressing the body’s minor aches and pains, Caffeine is known for its similar effects.

The little known active ingredient in white willow bark is a chemical compound called salicin. When that salicin is converted to salicylic acid by the body, it’s been shown to lower levels of certain chemical compounds that contribute to the minor aches, pains, and inflammation we feel after strenuous exercise.

To cut your recovery time after a workout and relieve your body’s aches and pains, rub a little Muscle and Joint cream where it hurts and let your discomfort fade away. And thanks to the natural Menthol infused in the cream, our CBD topical provides an energizing and cooling sensation as it goes to work, providing relief on two fronts.

Available in two levels of strength, you can grab your Muscle and Joint recovery cream in either 500mg or 1000mg sizes. All-natural, GMO-free, vegan, and cruelty-free, our CBD-infused topical is made under the strictest standards of quality, safety, and effectiveness to ensure your experience is the best it can possibly be.


With a focus on providing quality products with an ethical backbone, CBDfx products are sourced and produced without harming or using animals. That’s why our products are vegan, organic, and, most importantly, cruelty-free so you know your favourite CBD products were made with care and conscience.



Aqua, menthol, hydroxylated lecithin, carbomer, caffeine anhydrous, sodium bicarbonate, salix alba bark extract 98%, broad spectrum hemp extract providing 1000 Mg of cbd, tocopheryl acetate, sodium benzoate