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CBD SPORTS introduces a new application for CBD. Water enriched with 12,5% molecular CBD, for your easy daily cannabidiol dose. CBD H2O by CBD SPPORTS can be used as a refreshment, before, during and after your workout.

Next to oxygen, water is the most important substance for human health. Of which we need at least 1,5 to
2 liters per day. As drinking water supports digestion - taking up nutrients and carrying waste out of the body through the blood, intestines and kidneys. Though water also provides essential hydration to the body.

Thanks to nanotechnology, CBD SPORTS is able to combine CBD’s benefits with this hydration. Creating the synergetic effect this unique wellness supplement provides - as the CBD nano-crystals in CBD H2O are immediately and 100% absorbed by the body after ingestion.

CBD SPORTS Water is proven to be perfect for (professional) athletes. As the consumption of CBD before, during and after working-out promotes fast recovery from training and injuries; and because hydration is essential for the general well-being. CBD SPORTS WATER is suitable for all ages.


Most CBD-consumers use CBD Oils. These traditional CBD products are diluted with fatty oils, to which the CBD is bound when ingested. Though the human body is designed to break down fat. Meaning most of the ingested CBD gets lost and only 6-12% of the ingested cannabidiol through oils is absorbed by the body.

Thanks to the micro-sized CBD particles in CBD SPORTS WATER, the available cannabidiol is immediately and fully absorbed by the body upon ingestion. This nano-CBD is produced by putting su- percritical CO2 CBD crystals through a unique, high-intensity, ultrasonic and acoustic cavitation pro- cess. Providing a faster onset of action and a more potent CBD effect. CBD SPORTS WATER also doesn’t taste as harsh as traditional CBD Oils, according to customer-feedback. Offering a new and refreshing way of consuming your daily CBD dose.


• Hydration to promote general well-being • Fast and complete CBD absorption
• Refreshing
• Suitable for all ages

• Supports healthy digestion